Use and Redemption of Vouchers

Last Update: Nov 2023

1.Purchase of Voucher

Sending Fee: The sending fee details are available on our website ( and in the OKY application. We reserve the right to modify these fees at any time without prior notice. Any changes will be updated on our website and application.

Maximum Monthly Purchase Amount: Users can send vouchers from their OKY account up to a maximum total of TWO THOUSAND U.S. DOLLARS (US$2,000.00) per month. Purchases are restricted once this limit is reached until the next calendar month.

Maximum Number of Beneficiaries per Month: Users are limited to sending vouchers to no more than ten (10) different recipients in a single calendar month. After reaching this limit, further purchases are only possible in the subsequent month.

Cancellation of Vouchers: Vouchers can be canceled provided the voucher has not expired or been redeemed.

Refund for Canceled Vouchers: If a voucher is canceled before redemption, its value, excluding Fees, will be refunded to the sender’s OKY account within 30 calendar days, assuming it has not been redeemed.

Voucher Code Expiration:

(a) Non-Promotional Vouchers: These expire six months after purchase. Expired voucher values, minus an administrative fee of US $1 to US $5, are refunded to the sender’s account within ten business days.

(b) Promotional Vouchers: Subject to specific promotional terms, including expiration dates. No refunds for expired Promotional Vouchers, unless otherwise stated.

Administrative Fee for Inactivity: An inactivity fee applies to accounts with no transactions for five consecutive years. The fee, one-twelfth of the account balance, is charged monthly for twelve months, after which the account is deactivated. Transaction activity after five years stops these charges and reactivates the account.

2.Use and Redemption of the Voucher

Vouchers can be exchanged only for goods or services from the selected brand in the destination country.

Redemption for Products or Services Only: Vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash and are not credit or debit cards.

Partial Redemptions: If a purchase exceeds the voucher value, the balance can be paid using an acceptable alternative payment method. Remaining voucher balances are subject to the merchant’s policies.

Merchandise Exchanges: Post-redemption exchanges at the commercial establishment are governed by their exchange policies. No cash refunds are provided for voucher values; exchanges are for goods or store credits only.

Maximum Monthly Receipt Amount: Individuals cannot receive vouchers totaling more than TWO THOUSAND U.S. DOLLARS (US$2,000.00) in a month. Once this limit is reached, receipt of new vouchers is paused until next month.

Voucher Transfer: Voucher codes should not be shared or transferred. The code is redeemable by the bearer unless expired.

Voucher Marketing: Selling or marketing the voucher or code is prohibited. Merkado is not responsible for any misuse or unauthorized actions by the voucher recipient.

Right to Void in Suspicious Transactions: We reserve the right to void, deactivate, or reject vouchers if they are suspected to be sent or redeemed fraudulently or in violation of our terms.

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