Terms of Shipment and Voucher Redemption

Last update: March 2021

1. Shipping of vouchers

Shipping cost: Shipping cost information is available on our Website (www.okyapp.com) and in the OKY application. We reserve the right to change or modify this information, including the shipping cost, at any time and without prior notice. In case of modifications to the shipping cost, the new amounts will be published on the Website and in the OKY application.

Maximum amount of shipments per month: The user can send vouchers from his/her OKY account up to a maximum monthly aggregate amount of TWO THO THOUSAND U.S. DOLLARS (US$2,000.00). Once the user reaches this maximum amount of US$2,000.00 in shipments in a single calendar month, the user will only be allowed to make new shipments until the following month.

Maximum Number of Beneficiaries: The user may not send vouchers from his/her OKY account to more than ten (10) beneficiaries in a single calendar month. Upon reaching 10 shipments in the same calendar month, the user will only be able to make new shipments to individuals in the following calendar month.

Cancellation of shipments: The user who sends a voucher may cancel the shipment as long as the voucher (1) has not expired, and (2) has not been redeemed.

Refund in cases of cancellation: In the event a user requests cancellation of a voucher prior to redemption, the value of the voucher will be refunded to the user who made the shipment (excluding shipping cost). The refund will be made by crediting the user’s OKY account within a maximum period of thirty (30) calendar days from the date OKY received the cancellation request, provided that the voucher has not been redeemed.

Expiration of a Voucher Code:

(a) Non-promotional Vouchers: non-promotional Vouchers (i.e. regular Vouchers not linked to a specific promotion or purchased with promotional balance) expire within six months from the date the beneficiary received the voucher. In the event of expiration of a non-promotional voucher, the value of the expired voucher will be returned to the account of the person on the sender’s OKY account who sent the voucher after deduction of an administrative fee. This administrative fee varies from ONE U.S. DOLLAR to FIVE U.S. DOLLARS (US $ 1 and US $ 5), depending on the value of the expired voucher. The refund will be made by crediting the corresponding amount to the user’s OKY account within ten business days following the expiration date of the voucher.

(b) Promotional Vouchers: Promotional Vouchers sent within a promotional activity or event launched by OKY and labeled as “Promotional” or “Promotion” are subject to applicable promotional restrictions, including expiration date. Unless otherwise expressly stated in the applicable promotion, no refunds will be given with respect to expired Promotional Vouchers.

Administrative Fee Applicable for Shipping Inactivity: The OKY account that has no activity or transaction for five (5) consecutive years will automatically acquire the status of “inactive”. In cases of inactivity, Merkado Services, LLC will charge the inactive OKY account holder a monthly fee, which will apply as of the first day after the fifth year of inactivity of the OKY account. The monthly inactivity fee will be equal to one-twelfth (1/12) of the total available in the OKY account and will be debited monthly from the OKY account for a consecutive twelve (12) month period. After the last charge, the account will be deactivated indefinitely.

If the user makes a transaction during the period after the fifth year of inactivity, the administrative fees will cease to be charged thereafter and the account will be considered reactivated and will be governed under the conditions of an active account.

2. Use and redemption of the voucher

Vouchers received can only be exchanged for merchandise or products offered by the selected brand’s commercial establishment in the country of destination.

Redemption for Products or Services Only: Under no circumstances may a voucher be redeemed for cash. The voucher is not a credit or debit card.

Partial Redemptions:

In cases where the value of the voucher does not cover the entire purchase, the balance of your purchase may be paid with any other alternative form of payment acceptable to the brand or merchant.
If the value of the voucher is not used in full, the recognition of the balance for a subsequent purchase will depend on the merchant’s policies.

Merchandise Exchanges: Once the voucher has been redeemed at the commercial establishment, any exchange of products or services purchased is subject to the applicable exchange policies of the commercial establishment. It is explicitly agreed with the establishment that no cash refund shall be made for the value of the redeemed voucher, it can only be exchanged for products or credits in favor of the customer of the establishment.

Maximum amount of vouchers received per month: No single person is allowed to receive one or more vouchers whose total aggregate value exceeds TWO THO THOUSAND U.S. DOLLARS (US$2,000.00) in a single calendar month, regardless of whether the vouchers have been sent by the same person or by different persons. Once the beneficiary has received vouchers whose aggregate total exceeds the maximum amount of US$2,000.00 in a single calendar month, he/she will only be allowed to receive new vouchers until the following month.

Voucher Transfer: It is recommended that the voucher code not be shared or transferred with another person. The voucher code is a credit applicable to the bearer and, provided the code has not expired, will be redeemed by the merchant at the time it is presented for redemption by the bearer.

Marketing of Vouchers: The recipient of the voucher must not sell or market the voucher or the code. Merkado is not responsible for the actions committed by a recipient beneficiary or for the improper use of the voucher code received.

Reservation of rights in case of suspicious transaction: We reserve the right to void, deactivate or reject vouchers in case we have suspicion that:

(i) the same was sent fraudulently or in violation of the applicable terms of use, or.

(ii) attempted to be redeemed fraudulently or in violation of the applicable terms of use.

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