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OKY connects you with your friends and family in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Mexico and Argentina by sending them prepaid gift vouchers instantly. 

OKY Envía vales prepagados

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Here are some of our most popular service providers, you will find all our available brands in the APP:


Pollo Campero

Grocery Stores

Super 24



Home Improvement





Super Mayen

Where do you want to send?
Discover more brands:


El Salvador


Costa Rica



Discover more brands:

If you are a service provider in one of our destination countries, learn more about our partners program.

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You choose what to send! Prepaid vouchers ready to redeem.

With OKY you can choose the brand and the products you want to send to your loved ones.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

At OKY we take care of all the details to the process of sending and receiving prepaid vouchers, so your loved ones always receive your love with all the confidence and guarantee of a secure transaction and the correct payment, so your relatives can redeem the vouchers without any problem and at the moment of receiving it.

Why send money when you can send prepaid vouchers?

Your loved one receives exactly what you send. No surprises!

How it works?

a woman on her phone in the United States, adding funds to her OKY account from her phone.

1. Add Balance

Add balance with cash in a nearby point of service or use debit, credit card, or PayPal.

an assortment of different items, representing the wide range of choices available through OKY

2. Choose

Choose the brand and product you want to send from the best brands in the country.


3. Send!

Send your prepaid vouchers to your loved ones, they can redeem them at the selected store.

Payment Options

At a store near you

Add balance at a
location near you.

Or directly from our app

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Use your credit/debit card,
or a PayPal account.

Ask your relatives in USA to send you a prepaid voucher through OKY.

You need something? Tell your relatives in USA. They can send you prepaid vouchers ready to redeem for what you need.

OKY experiences

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They solved the problem of sending birthday gifts to our relatives in Guatemala. Our relatives told us that the exchange experience was very easy and they loved the gifts. Thanks OKY!
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Very easy to use and convenient 👍
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I thought it was excellent! I've been using it to send gifts to my family for my friends and family's birthdays so I don't feel so far away because they know I remembered them! So many options to choose from 👍🏻😃
Vivian Miranda
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To make your loved ones feel more loved
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It is a very useful application because with it we can surprise our relatives even if we are not there with them
Claudia Gutierrez
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Very good service I recommend
Wilfredo Chuta
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Excellent idea OKI, I was able to give my wife and my mom a lovely dinner from Los Angeles, CA. to Guatemala
Mynor Mejia
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Very good experience
Lily Dubon
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It was very easy to send a menu to my family in Guatemala, easy and fast
Ivonne Sierra
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I love it ! I like to send food to my love ones!
Luis Lopez
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very good app waiting for more companies to join .... I recommend it is easy and safe
Ana de Mata
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The best app to send what my family needs, came instantly and they supported me at all times to know how to do it
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Amazing way to send vouchers for goods needed by your loved ones

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