Terms and Conditions
Referral Program: "Refer OKY and Earn US$10!"

Last Updated: October 29, 2021

I. Purpose and Description of the “Refer OKY and Win US$10!” Program (the “Program”)

  • Objective: The purpose of the Program is to encourage OKY App users to refer friends and family in the United States to download the OKY App and send vouchers.
  • Eligibility: A user of the OKY application who has a U.S. phone line registered to his or her OKY account (“OKY User”) will be eligible to participate in the Program.
  • Benefits: Through the Program an OKY User may, subject to the terms and conditions described herein, opt to have OKY credit US$10 dollars to their OKY account for each person they refer to download the OKY App and send at least one voucher.

II. Program Period

The Program will be in effect and valid from October 30, 2021 from 8:00am CST until December 31, 2021 at 11:59pm CST.

III. Accreditation of US$10 per Referral

When the referred person downloads the OKY App and sends his/her first voucher, the OKY User who made the referral will be automatically credited with US$10 dollars in his/her promotional wallet in his/her OKY account (such US$10 dollars credit is called “Promotional Credit”).

IV. Program Terms and Conditions

OKY User Eligibility: Applies only to OKY Users who have a U.S. phone line registered to their OKY account.

About the Program

  • How to make a referral:

    • The OKY App has a function through which the OKY User who wishes to participate in the Program must add the data required to make the referral. This function can be accessed directly from the user’s OKY account in the OKY App.

    • To make the referral, the OKY User must enter the phone number of the person he/she wishes to refer to download the OKY App and make a referral (the “Referral”).

    • Once the OKY User enters the Referral’s phone number, the OKY User may not change, edit or alter the information provided about the Referral.

  • Requirements to Qualify as a Referral: The Referrer must download the OKY App and create a new user account using a U.S. phone line that has not been previously used to create an account. This phone number will be registered in the Referral’s account. You are not eligible to be a Referrer (i) who does not have a U.S. phone number, or (ii) who uses a phone number that has already been used to create an account on the OKY App, regardless of whether such account is current, suspended, cancelled, terminated, deleted or closed. Therefore, only a Referrer who downloads the OKY App and creates a new user account with a U.S. phone number that has not previously been used to create an OKY App account may be accepted as a Referrer for purposes of the Program (“Accepted Referral”).
  • Crediting of Referral Benefit: Once the Accepted Referral sends their first voucher submission through the OKY App, OKY will automatically credit the OKY User who made the referral US$10 to their OKY account promotional wallet as Promotional Credit. OKY will only credit the OKY User with the Promotional Credit if the Accepted Referral makes a submission. OKY will only credit the OKY User with the Promotional Credit if the Accepted Referral makes a submission.
  • Period of Validity of the Promotional Credit: The Promotional Credit will be valid for 7 calendar days from the day they were credited to the OKY User’s promotional wallet, within which period the user may use it as credit in their favor in the purchase of vouchers in the OKY App that are eligible to be purchased with Promotional Credit. Once the 7 days have expired, the Promotional Credit will automatically expire.
  • Maximum Accepted Referrals: The Program has a maximum of 10 Referrals per OKY User. That is, the OKY User will no longer be eligible to receive credits within the Program once he/she reaches the number of 10 Accepted Referrals.
  • Term of the Program:The Program term period will be strictly enforced. Therefore, the Program will not apply to referrals made outside of the Program Period.
  • No Transfer:The benefits of the Program, especially the Promotional Credit received by the OKY User, is not transferable to another user or beneficiary.
  • Restrictions:Restrictions apply as to the use of Promotional Credit to purchase certain types of vouchers. This will depend on the merchant agreement OKY has with the respective merchant. Therefore, certain vouchers are not eligible to be purchased using the Promotional Credit. OKY will use its best efforts to inform the OKY User which vouchers are eligible to be purchased through the application of the Promotional Credit. Promotional Credit may not be used to make prepaid reloads from telecommunications companies.
  • Reservation of Rights:OKY reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the Program or suspend the Program without prior notice. In case of change or suspension OKY will make efforts to contact OKY Users with outstanding Promotional Credit to notify them of the changes or suspension.
  • Policies and Terms of Use: All policies and terms of use posted on our website and on the OKY application continue to apply, including without limitation the Voucher Use and Redemption policy which can be found at the following address https://okyapp.com/en/terms-of-use-and-redemption-of-vouchers/
  • Fraud, Deception or Violation of Law: OKY reserves the right not to make Promotional Credit credits available if it believes that the referral or any transaction related thereto was made fraudulently, with false information, by deception or in violation of applicable law.

IV. Queries or Complaints

For inquiries or complaints regarding the Program you may contact OKY by sending a letter to the following address 1110 Brickell Ave. Suite 603 Miami, FL 33131, by calling the following telephone number +1 305 749 5530 or emailing info@okyapp.com.