OKY Recibe vales en Latinoamérica

Receive prepaid vouchers instantly!

Receive prepaid vouchers instantly!

Receive much more than money, with OKY you choose what you want to send home with prepaid vouchers from recognized stores of everything your loved ones may need.

It's easy to receive & redeem

Easy, fast and safe. With 3 simple steps:

By sending you a prepaid voucher from the USA, you will receive a code via text message on your phone. Redeem your voucher for the product or service in your local selected store. You must present the code received to redeem it. Enjoy! So simple.

a hand holding a phone with a message from OKY, as a notification that a voucher has successfully been received.


Take the code you received via text message to the selected establishment.

A clerk in a store, helping to redeem an OKY voucher


Redeem your prepaid voucher for the product or service.

a packaged gift received through OKY with a heart symbol


Enjoy what your loved one sent you from the USA.

How to use OKY?

More than money, receive prepaid vouchers sent from the USA with OKY instantly.

OKY experiences

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They solved the problem of sending birthday gifts to our relatives in Guatemala. Our relatives told us that the exchange experience was very easy and they loved the gifts. Thanks OKY!
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Very easy to use and convenient 👍
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I thought it was excellent! I've been using it to send gifts to my family for my friends and family's birthdays so I don't feel so far away because they know I remembered them! So many options to choose from 👍🏻😃
Vivian Miranda
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To make your loved ones feel more loved
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It is a very useful application because with it we can surprise our relatives even if we are not there with them
Claudia Gutierrez
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Very good service I recommend
Wilfredo Chuta
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Excellent idea OKI, I was able to give my wife and my mom a lovely dinner from Los Angeles, CA. to Guatemala
Mynor Mejia
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Very good experience
Lily Dubon
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It was very easy to send a menu to my family in Guatemala, easy and fast
Ivonne Sierra
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I love it ! I like to send food to my love ones!
Luis Lopez
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very good app waiting for more companies to join .... I recommend it is easy and safe
Ana de Mata
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The best app to send what my family needs, came instantly and they supported me at all times to know how to do it
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Amazing way to send vouchers for goods needed by your loved ones

Ask your relatives in USA to send you a prepaid voucher through OKY.

Ask your relatives in USA to send you a prepaid voucher through OKY.

You need something? Tell your relatives in USA. They can send you prepaid vouchers ready to redeem for what you need.