OKY is the digital platform that connects friends and family, it allows you to send instantly redeemable vouchers. You are one step away from sending love to your loved ones!

Brands that you will find in the app:

Clothes and Shoes, Fashion and Beauty
Clothes and Shoes, Gifts
Clothes and Shoes
Clothes and Shoes, Fashion and Beauty, Gifts

Ask your relatives in USA to send you a prepaid voucher through OKY.

You need something? Tell your relatives in USA. They can send you prepaid vouchers ready to redeem for what you need.

How it works?


1. Add Balance

Add balance with cash in a nearby point of service or use debit, credit card, or PayPal.

an assortment of different items, representing the wide range of choices available through OKY

2. Choose

Choose the brand and product you wish to send, from over 50 brand partners.


3. Send!

Send your prepaid vouchers to your loved ones, they can redeem them at the selected store.

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