Pollo Campero


GUATEMALA • Since 1971 it has made its customers fall in love with its fried chicken recipe, offering a unique and incomparable flavor. Customers live the experience of “El Sabor Campero” through the quality, flavor and innovations in the menu, as well as the passion and kindness in customer service; They offer you the atmosphere and the appropriate attention to share unforgettable moments with family or friends.

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Redeem your OKY vouchers at Pollo Campero:

  1. To redeem the voucher, take the message with your code to any of our branches and restaurants.
  2. Show the code of your SMS in boxes or to any advisor.
  3. The cashiers will validate that the code is correct and valid.
  4. Enjoy your redemption! The discount will be applied to your purchase or the product of your voucher will be delivered to you for you to enjoy.

OKY prepaid vouchers:

  • Vouchers are exchanged for products and / or services that have their own conditions and restrictions.
  • The vouchers can only be used in our branches, in their take-out and self-service channel according to the product’s own restrictions. You cannot make exchanges in mobile units or carts.
  • Only one voucher is redeemed at a time and it expires after being redeemed.
  • It cannot be exchanged for a product other than the one indicated on the voucher.
  • The voucher will be valid for up to 6 months after its purchase. Except promotional vouchers that have a specific redemption date.
  • Any questions, contact OKY by phone or WhatsApp at +502 24296300.
  • You can also communicate directly with Pollo Campero at PBX: 1777

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