OKY will not charge

OKY will not charge digital voucher shipments sent by Guatemalans from the United States

GUATEMALA.COM / By Leslie García

Oky announced that he will not charge the digital voucher shipments sent by Guatemalans from the United States to support them during COVID-19.

To help Guatemalans living in the United States during the Coronavirus emergency -COVID-19-, OKY confirmed that it will not charge the digital voucher shipments sent to their relatives through its App. We tell you how it works!

OKY Yes, you can highlighted that it supports the migrant community in the United States, so that during June, July, August and September the digital vouchers that they send to their relatives in our country will not have any cost.

OKY vouchers with no shipping cost

The launch of OKY was this Wednesday, June 3, 2020 and Antonio Malouf, Minister of Economy, was present, who highlighted: «Remittances are a fundamental engine of the country’s economy and that is why I want to thank this contribution that represents an aid to our Guatemalan brothers, who through their work contribute to the development of Guatemala.

OKY digital voucher shipments will have no cost

This is an application that digitally connects family and friends, allowing the sending of prepaid vouchers to Latin America from recognized brands, including several in Guatemala.

How it works?

It is very easy, if you are in the United States and want to send a voucher to Guatemala you must do the following:

  • Download the Oky app for free on Google Play or App Store
  • Find an Oky point of sale near you at https://okyapp.com/
  • Load the balance in cash
  • Choose the brand where your family will shop
  • Select the amount
  • Send the voucher by text message to your loved ones

Finally, your relative in Guatemala will receive a message with the code, they must go to the store where you sent the money and exchange it for the products they need.

What types of vouchers are there?

In the App you will find brands with vouchers for various products and values, among the available categories are:

  • Home
  • Gifts
  • Restaurants
  • Clothes and accessories
  • Health
  • Transport
  • Building
  • Supermarkets

If you want to know what companies are available you can visit the official OKY site.

Aplicación guatemalteca

OKY was developed by Guatemalans with the main objective of improving the lives of Latin American migrants in the United States. It started operations in our country to expand to the rest of the region.

Victor Unda, co-founder of the platform, highlighted that this action is an act of solidarity during the COVID-19 emergency.

Share this information with your relatives who live in the United States. #HoyPorTiMañanaPorMí

Source: https://www.guatemala.com/noticias/sociedad/oky-no-cobrara-envios-vales-digitales-manden-guatemaltecos-estados-unidos.html

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