OKY, closing gaps and opening doors

Latin American Executives Innovate the Financial Experience for Hispanics in the United States.


For millions of immigrants in the United States, the hardest thing about living away from their families is being absent from the important moments that define family histories, like the first day of school or a birthday.

Recognizing that reality, Víctor Unda, from Guatemala, and a group of prominent executives in the region, created OKY, a mobile application designed to bridge the geographic, digital and financial gaps that exist between the United States and Latin America.

In the first year alone, they have managed to attract more than 20,000 active subscribers and more than 1,000 points of sale in 176 cities and 23 states in the United States. With a population of more than 59 million Hispanics, OKY continues to appeal to immigrant communities with plans to expand its operations this year, beginning with El Salvador, Honduras, and Mexico.

Immigrants who provide financial support to their relatives in the region understand that the lack of financial equity in Latin America, the lack of financial services for immigrants, the waste of money sent from abroad to the region, and the astronomical cost of such shipments by Traditional media are challenges that are sometimes difficult to overcome.

OKY removes the barriers that exist in traditional roads.

By providing a platform that digitizes cash, with low and fixed fees, and without the worry of needing a bank account, OKY removes the barriers that exist in traditional ways benefiting immigrants in the United States who have never participated in the digital economy.

“From the United States, users can buy with cash, goods and services for their friends and family abroad. That is the fundamental basis of our platform: to ensure that immigrant communities can, in an easy, safe, and inexpensive way, continue to support and remain united with their families and friends in the region ”, says Víctor Unda, CEO of OKY .

Beyond being an accessible option, the user also has the freedom to choose where and how much the container can spend designating its use with one of the more than 100 renowned brands in the region affiliated with OKY such as Pollo Campero, Supermercados La Torre, Cemaco and Farmacias Cruz Verde, among others.

OKY, closing gaps and opening doors

To achieve this, the user can visit one of the thousands of OKY points of sale around the United States, choose the product they want to buy and deposit the funds using the telephone number of the beneficiary who can then visit the store, present their digital voucher and receive your product. The transaction is instantaneous and free of astronomical and unnecessary costs.

To learn more about OKY, visit their website, or download the app on iOS and Android


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