Ministry of Economy launches application for migrants to send money to their families

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The digital voucher service for various Guatemalan businesses will be free from June to September.

This new application called OKY will make it easier for migrants living in the United States to send financial support to their families.

This electronic tool would work through prepaid digital vouchers from stores and national brands. It is worth mentioning that it was created by Guatemalans.

In the presentation of the service, the Minister of Economy, Antonio Malouf, participated, thanking the entrepreneurs for presenting these innovations that allow mitigating the impacts of the pandemic and supporting the economic reactivation of the country.

The goal is to provide a platform during the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic at no cost for the next 4 months.

Starting in October of this year, the use of the application will cost from 1 to 5 dollars.

How it works?

The way to use it is simple:

  1. the application is downloaded
  2. find an OKY authorized point of sale at to load the balance in cash
  3. top up with credit card or PayPal
  4. choose the store where the family will shop
  5. select the amount of the digital voucher or specific product
  6. send the voucher via text message
  7. The family will receive a message with the code to exchange the cash for the products they need

“Remittances are a fundamental engine of the country’s economy and that is why I want to thank this contribution that represents an aid to our Guatemalan brothers, who through their work contribute to the development of the country.” Malouf indicated.

The challenges of the Guatemalan migrant community in the United States

Dunia Miranda, in charge of directing and coordinating cooperation at the Guatemalan Consulate in Miami, referred to the challenges of the Guatemalan migrant community in the United States and indicated that this application will allow them to continue contributing to the family economy.


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