Migrants in the US They will be able to send remittances free of charge from May to September 2020

Ministry of Economy. Government of Guatemala.

OKY, the new application that will make it easier for migrants residing in the United States to send financial support to their relatives, through prepaid digital vouchers.

This Wednesday OKY was launched in Guatemala, the new application that will make it easier for migrants residing in the United States to send financial support to their relatives, through prepaid digital vouchers from Guatemalan stores and brands, adapting to the needs of each family and allowing better control of expenses.

OKY was developed by Guatemalans with the aim of improving the lives of Latin American migrants in the United States, starting operations in Guatemala to spread to the rest of the region.

Victor Unda, Co-founder of the platform, indicated that as an expression of solidarity during the COVID-19 coronavirus emergency, as a result of the situation experienced by the Guatemalan migrant community in the United States, the use of the platform will not represent shipping costs since June until September 2020. “In this way, we join the call of the Government of Guatemala to help in times of crisis,” he emphasized.

During the launch, the Minister of Economy, Antonio Malouf, opened the event by thanking the entrepreneurs for making use of innovative solutions that mitigate the impacts of the pandemic and indicated that these initiatives are essential to support the recovery. economic of the country.

“Remittances are a fundamental engine of the country’s economy and that is why, as Minister of Economy, I want to thank this contribution that represents an aid to our Guatemalan brothers, who through their work contribute to the development of the country,” said Malouf .

In addition, he added that the migrant community is facing challenges that they did not have before, so the Government will continue to work together with other institutions to support them.

The challenges of the migrant community.

For her part, Dunia Miranda, in charge of directing and coordinating cooperation at the Guatemalan Consulate in Miami, delved into the context and challenges of the Guatemalan migrant community in the United States and indicated that this application will allow them to continue contributing to the economy. familiar from the United States.

To conclude, Unda stressed that this crisis has required a change in life in many aspects “Today more than ever digital tools present solutions that allow us to continue our daily activities, maintaining distancing measures, without harming the achievement of our objectives. From this account, OKY becomes one of these solutions because it is safer than sending cash, it reaches the recipient’s cell phone immediately and redeeming it is very simple ”.

Method of use

The mechanics for using the new OKY app are very simple. The person located in the United States who wants to send a prepaid voucher to Guatemala, download the OKY app for free on Google Play or the App Store, find an authorized OKY point of sale at https://okyapp.com/ To load the balance in cash, recharge with credit card or Paypal and only proceed to choose the store or brand where your family member will make the purchases, select the amount of the voucher or a specific product and send it to your loved one in Guatemala.

Source: https://www.guatemala.gob.gt/migrantes-en-ee-uu-podran-enviar-remesas-sin-costo-de-mayo-a-septiembre-2020/
Source: https://rrppguate.blogspot.com/2020/06/migrantes-en-ee-uu-podran-enviar-apoyo.html

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