Hispanic Leaders in the United States Driving Change for All

September 24, 2021 | washingtonhispanic.com

There are thousands of Hispanics throughout the country working and promoting enterprises that seek better the lives of immigrants to build a more inclusive and prosperous community.

During Hispanic Heritage Month, we take this opportunity to highlight the work and accomplishments of some of them. For many immigrants, the hardest thing about living away from their families is not being able to be there for the important moments that define family histories. For example, the first day of school, a graduation, a birthday or a relaxed Friday night at home.

Immigrants also, on many occasions, do not have the possibility of contributing economically to the economic development and well-being of their loved ones in their countries of origin, who may even depend on this help.

There are many factors that contribute to this problem. Among them, the lack of financial inclusion in Latin America, the lack of financial services for immigrant populations in the United States, and the high cost of international transactions through traditional methods, among others.

Recognizing this sad reality, two immigrants, Victor Unda, from Guatemala and Santiago Rossi, from Argentina, created OKY, a mobile application designed to eliminate these geographic, digital, and financial gaps that exist within our immigrant communities in the United States.

Its goal is to improve the quality of life of Hispanics and offer them greater opportunities through technology to generate greater prosperity for immigrant communities in Latin America and the United States.

We, more than anyone, understand the challenges and challenges that immigrant communities must face.

“We, more than anyone, understand the challenges and challenges that immigrant communities must face. But, we also know closely the sacrifice and work that characterizes this group and its importance for the development of this country ”, said Victor Unda, CEO and Founder of OKY. “Because of this, we wanted to contribute in a meaningful way to their quality of life and offer them the necessary tools and resources so that they can not only prosper in the United States, but also contribute to the well-being of their loved ones in their countries of origin.” added.

This unique and unprecedented platform allows users to participate in e-commerce activities within the region through digitized money without the support of traditional financial institutions and improve the savings capacity of hard-working Hispanics in the United States. to build a better life.

Source: https://washingtonhispanic.com/resaltadas/hispanos-lideres-en-los-estados-unidos-impulsando-un-cambio-para-todos/

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