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Here are some you some doubts that our users have asked us about.
OKY Preguntas Frecuentes

How do I pay for the vouchers I want to send?

Vouchers can be purchased with OKY Credits that you can top up at selected stores, or you can pay by credit card or PayPal.

Why am I being asked for my number?

Your phone number is your OKY username, it will be used when you send a voucher.

Can I cancel my voucher?

The user who sends a voucher can cancel the voucher as long as the voucher:

1.) Has not expired.

2.) Has not been redeemed.

What is the sending fee?

The sending fee for vouchers is:

• Between $0.01 and $19.99 is $1.00
• Between $20.00 and $49.99 is $3.00
• For vouchers of $50.00 and up is $5.00

However, we reserve the right to change this information, including the cost, at any time and without prior notice.

In case of change, the new sending fee applicable to each voucher will be published on the Website and in the application.

How does my friend or family member receive the voucher?

Your friend or family member to whom you send a voucher will receive a text message (SMS) directly to their phone. It is personal and safe.

Can a voucher be redeemed immediately?

The recipient will be able to exchange their vouchers immediately after receiving their SMS. They carry a unique code that can be used only once.

If I cancel my voucher, will my money be refunded?

In cases of voucher cancellation, the value of the voucher will be refunded to the account of the person who sent it (excluding the sending fee).

The refund will be made by crediting the user’s OKY account within ten business days following the date of cancellation.

What happens if the voucher expires?

The voucher expires within six months of being received by the person in Guatemala. In case of expiration of the voucher, the balance will be reimbursed to the account of the person who sent the voucher after applying a deduction for an administrative charge that can range between ONE US DOLLAR and FIVE US DOLLARS. (US $ 1 AND US $ 5), depending on the expired value.

The refund will be made within ten business days following the expiration date of the voucher. In case of a refund, Merkado will charge a monthly fee to the account holder from the fifth year on of any unused amount of the refunded value, which will be debited from the issuer’s account.

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