About OKY

Born with a purpose, to inspire migrants and help them improve their life everyday, with a simple, agile and secure way of sending value home.

Our Manifesto

Our Story

February 2017

The dream begins with an idea, to serve and help our silent heroes: migrants seeking better opportunities far away from home.

OKY Febrero 2017
OKY Agosto 2018

August 2018

From a dream to a project, a team of entrepreneurs ready to start on an adventure.

February 2019

Merkado Group is born, a business model and a clear purpose of helping immigrants every day. 

Big brands join us in our dream: QueDely, McDonald’s, Cemaco, Calzado Coban.

OKY Febrero 2019
OKY Abril 2019

April 2019

OKY is born, the brand created to make our purpose a reality.

December 2019

As a Christmas gift, the first version of our app was released in IOS and Android.

OKY Diciembre 2019
OKY Junio 2020

June 2020

OKY is officially launched to the world, with a $0 sending fee, to help immigrants and their families during the difficult times due to Covid-19.

August 2020

More brands join OKY: Pollo Campero and Pollo Granjero.

OKY Agosto 2020
OKY Octubre 2020

October 2020

A big celebration: 10,000 app downloads.

December 2020

Marketplace growth.
We celebrate +80 brands and +650 own POS in the US

Diciembre 2020
Enero 2021

January 2021

New markets
We expanded our marketplace to El Salvador and Honduras.

June 2021

First anniversary
We celebrate our first anniversary!

Junio 2021
Agosto 2021

August 2021

Marketplace growth
A marketplace of +200 brands, +1350 charging points and 6 countries.

OKY Team

Victor Unda

Victor Unda

Co-Founder &
Chief Executive Officer

Santi Rossi

Santiago Rossi

Co-Founder &
Chief Financial Officer

Estuardo Figueroa

Estuardo Figueroa

Co-Founder &
Chief Commercial Officer

Alejandro Mirón

Alejandro Mirón

Co-Founder &
Chief Product Officer

Victor Pérez

Victor Pérez

Chief Technology Officer

Hever Vásquez

Hever Vásquez​

Independent Sales Agent
North Region

Pablo Dávila

Pablo Dávila

Independent Sales Agent
South Region

Mario Diaz

Mario Díaz

Independent Sales Agent
West Region

Claudia Franco

Claudia Franco​

Business Analytics Specialist

Made Ortiz

Made Ortiz

Account Executive

Karin Aquino

Karin Aquino​

Senior Accounting Analyst

Andrea Asencio

Andrea Asencio

Accounting Analyst

Carolina Abbud

Carolina Abbud​

Chief Marketing Officer

Melvin Muñoz

Melvin Muñoz​

UI/UX Designer

Eduardo García

Eduardo García Luján

UI/UX Designer

Fredy Osman

Fredy Osman

Digital Developer

Daniel Villanueva

Daniel Villanueva

Digital Developer

Andrés Fornaris

Digital Developer

Jonathan Tovar

Jonathan Tovar

Digital Developer

Daniel Gamboa

Digital Developer

José David Bruges

Digital Developer

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