20 gift ideas to send to Dad NOW!

With OKY send that gift to dad from the United States

Father’s Day is coming and you want to give something special to the person who has always given you the best of himself. What do you think? You do not need to be in Guatemala to surprise dad with a great gift, here we share 20 ideas that he will love and the best thing is that you find them all in OKY app.

  1. A chocolate cake and a Malbec Tintillo wine – $ 32.99
    for the dad who likes sweets

    San MartinJust when you thought that nothing could be better than a chocolate cake, this San Martíncombo arrives with the perfect pairing: a bottle of Malbec Tintillo Santa Julia, a smooth and aromatic wine, ideal for the occasion.

    Buy here:

  2. One pair of cinched shoes included – $ 59.99 *
    for Handsome Dad

    Calzado Cobán
    Why decide between shoes and belt when you can gift both? In Dad’s month, Calzado Cobanallows you to wear a belt for just Q100 when buying a pair of Rhino or Coban shoes.

    Buy here:
    (* The price depends on the choice of the product.)

  3. One meter of wood-fired pizza – Combo: $ 45.29
    for the Pizza Dad!

    Enzo, Caprichosa, or pure ham, no matter how Dad prefers it, receives a 10% discount on the purchase of Vesuviopizzas and two double liters when buying the subway combo. Nothing like a wood-fired pizza!

    Buy here:

  4. One night at an exclusive resort – $ 265.00
    for the dad who needs to relax

    If anyone deserves a vacation, it is Dad and what better place to relax than the beach. Surprise him with an all-inclusive package from Oceana, an exclusive resort on the Pacific beach.

    Buy here:

  5. A Quartzo rack for the TV room – $ 155.39
    for the Dad who doesn’t miss a Game!

    Muebles Fiesta
    It’s no secret that the living room is one of Dad’s favorite spaces. Whether it is to enjoy a movie or watch your games, this Quartzo rack by Muebles Fiesta adds an elegant touch to the room and allows you to organize everything in one place.

    Buy here:

  6. Toritos for the whole family – $ 17.99
    for the Dad who likes to eat!

    With the QueDely Father’s Day Combo you can celebrate as a family throughout the month of June. 5 toritos, 2 trays of potatoes and a double liter of Pepsi. What more could you ask for?

    Buy here:

  7. An Ultra-mattress for an ultra-rest – from $ 232.99
    for the Dad who is a Dreamer!

    Agencias Way
    Take advantage of Agencias Way‘s Olympia, Ultra Spectra and Ultra Golden bed offers to give Dad a good night’s sleep every night.

    Buy here:

  8. A Samsung A21s – $ 201.20
    for the Dad who likes to talk!

    Because a Smartphone is the best tool to stay connected even from a distance, TDMallows you to give dad a Samsung, Huawei or Motorola phone at a very affordable price.

    Buy here:

  9. A Celebration Combo – $ 31.01
    for Campero Dad

    Pollo Campero
    The infallible classic of any celebration is a Pollo Campero combo and now, with its new 50 Years Celebration Combos, you can indulge Dad with 12 pieces of chicken, 6 custards, 6 French fries and a double liter of Pepsi.

    Buy here:

  10. A deep engine wash – $ 48.81
    for the Road Loving Dad

    When was the last time the car was serviced? And how about a clean engine with everything and decarbonization? Sieboldhelps you pamper Dad with first-rate service.

    Buy here:

  11. The supermarket at the door of the house – vouchers from $ 14.08
    for the Busy Dad

    La Torre
    Nothing says “I love you” more clearly than taking charge of the supermarket. With La Torre supermarkets you can choose a voucher between Q100 and Q1000 ($ 14.08 – $ 135.89), buy online and request home delivery.

    Buy here:

  12. A professional car-audio equipment – from $ 69.99
    for the Musical Dad

    Car Audio
    So that the party doesn’t stop, give him a professional car audio equipment or a musical instrument from Electrónica Panamericana.

    Buy here:

  13. A good barbecue – from $ 17.49
    for the carnivore dad

    A good cut of meat is accompanied by a good rum. For this reason, Los Churrascos gives a glass of Ron Botran to all the parents who come to exchange their voucher

    Buy here:

  14. A matt black Inox EcoFilter – $ 129.99
    for the eco-friendly dad

    What better than to give away the possibility of making drinking water? With EcoFiltro, a gift for Dad can also be a gift for the environment and rural communities that benefit from this socially conscious business.

    Buy here:

  15. Floor Renovation – $ 120.58 (Valencia Wood)
    for the Dad who loves Home

    El Rey de la Cerámica
    Because the house is the place where dad should feel most comfortable, take advantage of the offers from El Rey de la Cerámicaand give him a distinguished Valencia Wood-type floor.

    Buy here:

  16. Xecas Combo to Share – $ 19.32
    for the Quetzalteco dad

    Warm his heart with a Xelapan Combo Comparte: 10 xecas of cheese, 10 of ham and cheese, 10 of chocolate and a pound of drinking chocolate. Mmm!

    Buy here:

  17. Trademark and trade name registration – $ 426.00
    for the Entrepreneur Dad

    Help you start your business with a legal trademark and name registration service run by The Legal Hub Guatemala.

    Buy here:

  18. A Family McMenu – $ 23.99
    for McDad

    To share with the family at McDonald’s! The Mc Menu includes 2 Happy Meals of Cheeseburger, Hamburger or McNuggets. In addition to 2 1/4 Pound McMenu with Cheese, Beef McNifica or McPollo Sandwich… What better way to pamper him than to invite him to eat as a family?

    Buy here:

  19. A Remington rotary shaver – $ 48.99
    for the Impeccable Looking Dad

    A gift you can’t go wrong with is this Remington electric shaver that you find at MAXstores. With it, dad saves time, money and the possibility of cutting himself, as is often the case with traditional pocket knives… Oh!

    Buy here:

  20. An open voucher
    for the Dad who likes to Choose!

    OKYSometimes the best gift you can give is the freedom to choose. In OKY app you can find your favorite brands –such as Gustavo Molina, Multirespuestos, Megapaca, Calzado Roy– to give them an open voucher with the value that you decide.

    Buy here:

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